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arenafootball2 Fans Can Watch Their Home Team Score With NFT's Online Broadcasting Technology

Sports Fans Have Free Online Access To All Home and Away Games

SHREVEPORT, LA – March 25, 2008 – As the arenafootball2 (af2) kicks off its ninth season, Network Foundation Technologies™ (NFT) will broadcast the entire season of games online, starting this Friday, March 28. Fans can watch the Albany Conquest, Austin Wranglers, Green Bay Blizzard, Spokane Shock and the many other af2 teams battle their rivals on game day.

NFT’s FREE-For-View online broadcasts give viewers access to all 232 regular season games and 15 post-season games. “NFT’s cutting-edge technology is making it possible for arenafootball2 to provide our fan base with clear and exciting broadcasts. Another benefit for fans is that games previously offered at $6.99 are now free,” said Jerry Kurz, president of the af2.

NFT’s unique video broadcasting solution incorporates a customizable, downloadable player that broadcasts content directly to the viewer’s computer desktop. “With NFT’s personalized player, we are able to continue building the strength of our af2 brand while connecting with our fans,” added Kurz.

With the ability to reach geographically diverse and unlimited audiences at a fraction of the bandwidth cost of other online broadcasting technologies, NFT’s platform is a viable solution for many content providers who want to deliver high quality live television-style programming that is free of charge to viewers.

“Our technology allows companies to distribute content that would never be available on a traditional broadcast. The low bandwidth costs and ability to grow the brand name through a customizable player benefit the client, while the free access and enjoyable viewing experience are ideal for the fans,” said Dr. Mike O’Neal, founder and chief scientist of NFT. “It’s a win-win situation.”

NFT’s distributed broadcast model avoids the pitfalls inherent in peer-to-peer file sharing systems by enabling the distribution of live content, eliminating the need to store data on each viewer’s hard drive, and limiting use of Internet connections to only those time periods when the viewer is actively tuned to a program. This patented technology builds and maintains a highly stable broadcast network by using the turnover inherent in distributed networks to drive the most reliable active connections to the most critical regions of the network, ensuring the quality of service remains high. By never requiring any computer in the network to retransmit more than two copies of the broadcast stream, the network can continue expanding while keeping bandwidth costs low and controlled.

NFT’s emerging presence in the world of sports is solid. The company has ongoing partnerships with top sports leagues such as USA Weightlifting, USA Judo and the Central Hockey League (2007-2008 games).

About Network Foundation Technologies, LLC
Network Foundation Technologies, LLC (NFT: pronounced ‘NiFTy’) is a name that is quickly becoming synonymous with the online broadcasting of large, live events to world-wide audiences. NFT’s scalable distributed broadcast solution avoids the pitfalls inherent in peer-to-peer file sharing systems, such as storing content on end-users’ computers and constant use of their broadband Internet connection. The company’s patented technology used in its NiFTy Online Television™ product is the most efficient and successful method for enabling distributed video broadcasting over the Internet. For more information please visit

About af2
With its ninth season set to kick off on March 28 with a 29-team membership, af2 serves as a vehicle to bring Arena Football to small-to-midsize cities and as a developmental league with an unmatched history of sending players, coaches and officials to major professional football leagues each year. af2 operates under the same Mission Statement and Fans’ Bill of Rights as the Arena Football League, which begins its 22nd season on February 29. Log on to for more information.

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